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Kojima Productions Has Graced Us With the Face of Ludens


Kojima Productions Has Graced Us With the Face of Ludens

Another look at this interesting character.

Earlier this year, Kojima Productions unveiled the character represented on the studio’s logo. The logo itself is basically a skull inside of what looks to be some kind of helmet. Today, Gamespot received an image from the studio that gives us a small look at the face of the mascot, and it’s not quite what you’d expect.

The new image  has a close up of Ludens’ head, and it looks like the skull seen in previous pictures of the character was merely a mask, with a human underneath. The image has a caption on it that reads, “I’ll Keep Coming.” At this point it’s still unknown if Ludens is a character that will feature into the first game from the studio, or is merely a mascot. When asked to comment on the content of the image by Gamespot, Kojima Productions responded by saying, “”You can freely imagine whatever you see.”

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In May, Kojima revealed the full character of Ludens, a towering figure clad in a futuristic spacesuit with an astronaut like backpack, and a skull as a head. The name ties into the message displayed when Kojima Production’s website launched that read,   “We are Homo Ludens. We are those who play.” Hideo Kojima has said in previous interviews that his studios first project on the PlayStation 4, is an action game for AAA fans, although not much is known otherwise.

What do you think of this new glimpse at Kojima Productions’ Ludens? Do you hope the character features into their first game in some way? Let us know down in the comment.


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