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Bungie Reveals Just How Dominant Hunters Were in Destiny’s Crucible; Defender Dead Last


Bungie Reveals Just How Dominant Hunters Were in Destiny’s Crucible; Defender Dead Last

There are Hunters, and then everyone else.

Not too long ago, Destiny made some major subclass balance changes, particularly for hunters. Today Bungie shared why they did what they did to Destiny’s most dominant PvP class. And yes we can say most dominant because like Jay-Z once told us, numbers don’t lie. Let’s take a look at the chart shall we via the Bungie blog.

Destiny HunterIn case it’s a little tough to see with all the lines everywhere, what that chart shows is just how dominant the Hunter class, especially the Bladedancer and Gunslinger subclasses, is in the crucible. There’s a big gap between those two subclasses and the rest of the pack. Even the least popular Hunter subclass, the Nightstalker, is usually somewhere around fifth.

On the flip side, it’s interesting to see the subclasses that are in last place in terms of dominance. The PvE focused Defender is in dead last but its line does include some pretty dramatic and curious peaks and valleys. The Sunbreaker, once the king of the Crucible, alongside the Sunsinger, also trend towards the bottom of the pack.

Keep in mind, this is the data they used to influence their recent balance changes. Obviously those buffs/nerfs/changes, however you want to look at it, should dramatically shake up this graph the next time we see it.

What are you noticing in the Crucible these days guardians? Still sticking with your trust Hunter? We’re curious, let us know in the comments.


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