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Horizon Zero Dawn Delayed to February 2017, New Trailer Revealed

horizon zero dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Delayed to February 2017, New Trailer Revealed

The dawn is coming, just later than expected.

It’s been pretty quiet on the Horizon Zero Dawn front since its first announcement last year. The only thing that we know about it is that it takes place in the far future and has giant, robotic animals that range from wolves to eagles and maybe even dinosaurs. It was rumored that it’d be seeing a delay from later this year to some time in 2017, and as it turns out, that’s completely true. The release date was announced with a new trailer that shows what protagonist Aloy will be going through.

Guerrilla Games knows that pushing the game back will cause some ire, but it wasn’t a decision they made lightly. As Managing Director Herman Hulst puts it, they’re aware that people want to play the game, but “we also want to ensure that the game lives up to the visuals and gameplay quality that our games are known for…we realize this may not please everyone.”

Thankfully, Horizon Zero Dawn will be making a presence at E3, in case the posters weren’t an indicator of that. Even though we have to wait eight months to get it in our hands, at least we’ll get to see more amazing stuff for the next few months.

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