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Hitman Elusive Target #5 Starts Next Week, First Rewards Incoming

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Hitman Elusive Target #5 Starts Next Week, First Rewards Incoming

A new suit, for the best of the best.

Io-Interactive has revealed the fifth Elusive Target for Hitman gamers to tackle, the limited time event set to start next week. Beginning Friday, July 1, at 5am PDT/ 8am EDT, and running for 72 hours, the event tasks players with traveling to Marrakesh and taking out The Gunrunner.

As with Hitman’s previous Elusive Target, players only have one chance at the mission, with saving and in-game assists turned off. “You’ll need to explore, find your target, study their movements and come up with a plan to eliminate them – all whilst playing,” the developer explains.

Hitman Elusive Target 5 The Gunrunner

With the fifth Elusive Target however, it’s time for some to start unlocking rewards, the first prize tier unlocking as soon as you complete five of the contracts. To mark the occasion, successful players, who have completed all five, will unlock the Hitman Absolution Signature Suit, with ICA tiepin and black leather gloves.

“We want to make sure that the suit rewards you’ll earn through Elusive Targets are prestigious, and that they can be unlocked at a faster rate. But, if you wait too long and miss too many Elusive Targets, you won’t be able to unlock them all.”

Hitman, Elusive Target 5, The gunrunner, Hitman Absolution Signature Suit

Io-Interactive will be live-streaming an attempt to kill The Gunrunner over on their Twitch, starting as soon as the contract goes live Friday morning. As we learn more about The Gunrunner and everything else Hitman has in store for us, including its recently announced Summer Bonus Episode, you’ll find it all right here on Twinfinite.

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