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Halo Wars 2 Open Beta: How To Capture Domination Points


Halo Wars 2 Open Beta: How To Capture Domination Points

Capture those points soldier!

Halo Wars 2

With the Halo Wars 2 Open Beta now in full swing, it’s clear that this title is far more objective focused than its previous entry. It may surprise some new players, but in order to actually win a match in this beta, players will need to capture and hold various domination points scattered throughout the map. The more points your team holds down, the faster your opponents bar at the top of the screen will deplete. Whoever hits zero first loses the match, regardless of what you are currently doing.

Now the game never outwardly explains how to capture these objectives, but it’s a two-step process. First, you will need to send your troops towards one of the lettered capture points on your map and destroy the various Sentinels patrolling the area. They don’t put up too much of a fight, so only a few units should take care of them swiftly. Since they are in the air, make sure to bring units that can actually deal surface to air damage, otherwise you’ll end up just staring up at them.

Once all the Sentinels are eliminated, send in a group of infantry to capture the objective. You will be given a prompt in the form of a blue X when you hover the cursor over it. Make sure you have the unit(s) selected first and hit X. Soon a percentage will pop up indicating that you’re capturing a point. When it reaches 100% you now own the point and it will turn a solid color on your map.

Make sure to leave a few units behind to defend your point as there is very little downtime in Halo Wars 2. Players can steal and recapture these points, so always make sure you can put up a fight. Given you are on teams of two, we recommend only taking three points and holding them down between your respective forces.

Do this long enough and you can net yourself an easy Halo Wars 2 victory.

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