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Halo 5’s New Update Puts a Grunt Inside a Mech


Halo 5’s New Update Puts a Grunt Inside a Mech

Iron Grunt? Pacific Grunt? What do we call this?!

343 has been putting out content for Halo 5 on a consistent basis, and they’ve all been pretty good, but this one may just be the best free update ever. Why, you ask? The new update gives us something we didn’t know we needed: a Grunt inside a mech.

The tiny little aliens of the Covenant now can go toe to toe with Spartans appropriately, thanks to their new Grunt Goblin that appears in Warzone and the upcoming Warzone Firefight. According to 343’s character designer Steve Dyck, “it was built by Grunts for Grunts….obviously when you have a Grunt driver or ‘jockey’ controlling this powerful battle suit, results may be unpredictable.”

Jockeys will insult and threaten you during battle, and are equipped with a double-barreled heavy Needler and a grenade launcher that can be used if the former is taken out of commission. The Goblin can jump up to 200 feet and take out any Spartan or light vehicle with just one punch. And if you’re a heavy vehicle, don’t think about getting close, it’s got an EMP. If you were thinking that you could use your own EMP methods on it, you sadly can’t, and you also can’t hijack it. Shame.

To take down the Goblin, you can use a new vehicle in Halo 5, the UNSC Wasp. It’s a close air support VTOL with machine guns and rocket launchers and best used as a quick-strike vehicle. To get it in Warzone, you’ll need a REQ card. Both it and the Goblin will be in the new update when it launches soon.

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