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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Finale Recap

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Finale Recap

Broken Wheel.

If you haven’t seen the season six finale yet, don’t read this. You will be spoiled!!!


“King in the North! King in the North! King in the North!”

This week’s Game of Thrones saw the sixth season come to a close with a thunderous bang and uproaring applause. While last week’s episode, “Battle of the Bastards” brought gritty bloodshed, the season finale saw many alliances, territories, and leadership shift drastically. Even though the first twenty minutes of the show may be the most talked about, there is no denying just how gratifying “The Winds of Winter” actually was. After all, Jon Snow finally has taken his rightful place as ruler in the North and Daenerys has finally set sail towards Westeros. This week was a literal game of thrones.

However, we would be wrong if we didn’t discuss the opening scene first, as it was arguably the most shocking. There was no doubt that something was going to happen between Cersei and the High Sparrow, since the show has been building up to this climax for the majority of season 5 and literally all of season 6. Yet, her the breath of her cruelty had come to full view as she decimated every person who opposed her in the span of around ten minutes.

Not only did this help highlight exactly the length Cersei is willing to go for power, but that the arrogance of the High Sparrow and his collective. Cersei is a master of deception, so by having her entire plan go off without her even being present felt incredibly true to the character. Not to mention the use of Wildfire was a nice throwback to Battle of the Blackwater. Cersei’s kids are what humanized her to a degree and now that they’re gone, she may truly embrace the darkest parts of her psyche.

So now we are down an entire religious cult, three Tyrells, Lancel Lannister, Grand Maester Pcyelle, and even the former king himself via committing suicide. Cersei now officially rules as queen and one has one wonder where does Game of Thrones even go from here?

Game of Thrones

Well, one inclination is that fact that Daenerys has set sail with her ships towards Westeros. This has been a long time coming and hopefully we don’t need to wait an entire season for her and her army to actually land at Casterly Rock. Also, it turns out Tyrion is now the Hand of the Queen, officially solidifying is allegiance with one of the now four prominent factions in this series. While Daario won’t be joining us anytime soon, one can only wonder how this new invading force will do against the newly formed powers in Westeros.

A lot of pieces on the board moved this week, with Dorne actually being important to the overall plot for once. Varys’ reveal at the end of their scene is intriguing, especially since it shows that the Dorne may be a major factor in the coming war and could provide Daenerys the extra boost her army needs. If, you know, three giant dragons don’t do the trick.

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