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FIFA 16: How to Shoot

fifa 16 shooting

FIFA 16: How to Shoot

How to shoot.

The sheer number of button combinations that do a variation of the same thing is what makes the FIFA games so complex and hard to master. There are four commonly used shot types in FIFA 16.

Standard Shot: The standard and most commonly used shot type is performed by pressing circle/’B’/left-click for a certain amount of time, depending on how hard you want the shot to be.

Finesse Shot: Used for curling the shot around the goalkeeper, making it more accurate, the finesse shot is performed by pressing R1 + circle/RB + B/D.

Chip Shot: When you see the goalkeeper rushing out his goal you can press L1 + circle/LB + B to chip it over him.

Flare Shot: To perform bicycle kicks, rabonas, scorpion kicks, or backheel finishes, you hold L2 or LT and press shoot. You can score some incredible goals if you get it right.

Mastering shooting in FIFA 16 is mostly down to knowing when to use each type of shot. What’s your favorite type of shooting style in the game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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