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Fallout 4: Contraptions – How to Display Weapons and Armor


Fallout 4: Contraptions – How to Display Weapons and Armor

Racks on Racks on Racks.

When building new lodgings on one of your settlements in Fallout 4, fans have wanted the option to put a more personal touch, something that signifies their journey through the Boston Wasteland. Contraptions lets you do just that by giving you the option to display Armor, Power Armor, and weapons. Let us walk you through how display everything you’ve worked so hard to collect.


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To display armor you’ll need an armor rack. There are two different types of racks available in Contraptions, one for male and one for female. Both can display the exact same things, so pick whichever one you want to display, or mix and match. To build Armor Racks open up your Workshop Menu in one of your settlements, then go to Decorations > Display> Armor Racks.

Armor Racks

  • 4 Wood
  • 1 Cloth

Once you have your racks built, interact with them and give them armor as you would with a companion. Choose what you want to equip to the rack (this will display it for all to see), and you’re done. Remember, these Armor Racks in Contraptions follow the same rules as if you were equipping the clothing to yourself. So respect the layers. 

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