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What Is the New God of War? Everything We Know So Far


What Is the New God of War? Everything We Know So Far

Same god, new world.

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Kratos Returns

god of war

When rumors were racing through the internet about a brand new God of War game, many were unsure whether or not the series would see a new protagonist in the reboot. Fans had followed Kratos through all of his angry god-hunting for years, so there was a possibility that a new face would don the God of War mantle for a new mythology. For those hoping that Sony Santa Monica would somehow work the Ghost of Sparta back into the fold, you can rest easy now, Kratos is definitely back.

He’s not the same bald bundle of anger you may remember from the past, though. Well, he’s still bald, but this is an older, more mature Kratos. It’s not entirely clear just yet, but he seems to be coping with the exploits of his past, and taking a much more controlled approach. It will be interesting to see how the developers work with such an iconic character to add some more depth to him and his violent ways. 

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