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Ed Boon Continues Teasing Something with a Foot Pic


Ed Boon Continues Teasing Something with a Foot Pic

Dat foot tho

This past weekend, Ed Boon was hinting that an Injustice 2 announcement may be on the way. That or he’s just a huge troll, we can’t really tell. Either way, he’s continuing just doing his own thing, this time releasing a pic that could be pretty much anyone.

Yeah, that’s literally all it is, a foot. Exactly whose foot it is is currently unclear, given that the picture is sorta blurry and you can’t really determine who someone is based off their feet alone. If it actually is Injustice 2, then the red foot narrows it down to a few people, but still not enough to make a conclusion about who it could be. Possibly Flash, if he got beat up a bit? Atrocitus, maybe? Whoever it is, it’s clearly someone in desperate need of some new footwear.

Who do you think Ed Boon’s teasing with this foot pic? Let us know in the comments below.

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