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E3 2016: 5 Things We Learned About Nioh


E3 2016: 5 Things We Learned About Nioh

It’s very historically accurate.

There Will Be a Tutorial Level

nioh shipwrecked

One of the first things Team Ninja told us was that they had received lots of user feedback from the Nioh alpha demo, and they will be addressed in the final product. The most notable complaints were that the camera movements weren’t fluid, and this would often lead to deaths that felt unfair. Similarly, they also took notes about the stiff and clunky controls, and the team was currently working on it.

They also stated that the final product will contain a tutorial level that walks players through the basics of the game, and get them acquainted with the combat. However, the difficulty will remain the same, and Team Ninja mentioned that they were happy with the current level of difficulty and challenge.

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