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Dying Light Developer Techland Goes Into the Publishing Business

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Dying Light Developer Techland Goes Into the Publishing Business

Going global.

For the past few years, Techland, the folks behind zombie bashing games Dead Island and Dying Light, have had other publishers publish their own games. (Deep Silver owns the former, while WB Games published the latter.) Today, the Polish developer announced that they’d gone into game publishing themselves.

This means that going forward, anything that they put out (whether it’s Dying Light 2, Hellraid, or that other AAA game they’re working on) will also be published by them worldwide. And, thankfully, they’ll be released on their own schedule. If they want to delay a game, they only have to answer to themselves, basically. They already publish their own titles in Europe, and they plan to release two big multiplatform games a year, plus four digital titles a year as well. The first game that’ll fall under this publishing banner is said to be revealed “soon”, though Techland hasn’t announced any developers that it’ll be working with.

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