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Did Sony and Microsoft Keep Their E3 2015 Promises or Lead Us on a Hype Train?


Did Sony and Microsoft Keep Their E3 2015 Promises or Lead Us on a Hype Train?

It’s been a year, have they fulfilled their end of the bargain?

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E3 2015 was quite the experience. It all started with Microsoft coming onto the stage and showing off what was easily the greatest games lineup that an Xbox has ever enjoyed. Backwards compatibility, the brand new Elite controller, and other major announcements helped to sweeten the pot. Xbox was back on top after a rather tumultuous start with the Xbox One out of the gate.

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Microsoft wasn’t the only company wowing fans during E3 2015, though. Sony, whose conference was the last one, had a lot to prove after such a stunning showing from its most direct competition. Sony was definitely prepared though, showing off a stunning lineup of upcoming games, including a few that hit millions right in the nostalgia section of their fleshy hearts.

Yet although both press conferences were clearly amazing, there are still a few things that were shown off that are still missing. It can make some wonder if both Sony and Microsoft just hyped everyone up for nothing, or if they actually followed through. It’s easy to focus on the negative, so we’re going to step back and look at what each of these two members of the “Big Three” managed to deliver in the time since E3 2015. With E3 2016 right around the corner, we can only hope their slates are clean. 

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