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Detroit: Become Human Confirmed for E3 Appearance

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Detroit: Become Human Confirmed for E3 Appearance

Exciting stuff.

Detroit: Become Human is the latest game being worked on by famed Director David Cage. It was first announced in late 2015 and will follow an android named Kara who becomes sentient and must find her place in the world.

It has been confirmed by video game personality Greg Miller that Detroit will feature at this year’s E3. He posted the news on Twitter by saying he’s “excited to open Tuesday with Horizon [Zero Dawn], Batman/Walking Dead, Detroit, and more”

Detroit: Become Human will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and is being developed by Quantic Dream, known for previous PlayStation titles such as Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

When asked about Detroit, David Cage said: “The entire game is really built around this idea that the player is the core writer of the experience and that he will tell his own story through his actions. Our theme is really what does it mean to be human, what does it mean to have emotions, and those kind of things and this is really what we want to talk about.”

A release date is yet to be announced, but here’s hoping we get one at E3.

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