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Destiny: Xur’s Location and Exotics List for June 3-5

Destiny 2, Xur

Destiny: Xur’s Location and Exotics List for June 3-5

Aha, a weapon.

This week in Destiny, you’ll find Xur, Agent of the Nine, hanging out at the balcony by the Speaker.

First up, for Titans, Xur is selling the ACD/0 Feedback Fence exotic gauntlets.

  • Defense: 280
  • Discipline: 29/42
  • Strength: 30/43
  • Taking damage from a melee attack deals damage in an area around you.
  • Increased reload speed with Hand Cannons.
  • Increased melee attack speed.

And for Hunters, Xur has the Graviton Forfeit exotic helmet.

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 34/49
  • Strength: 31/46
  • Grants Shadestep.
  • Gains bonus Super energy from melee kills on minions of the Darkness.
  • Bonus grenade energy on Orb pickup.

Lastly, for the Warlocks, Xur’s got the Alchemist’s Raiment chest piece.

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 89/109
  • Chance to gain Glimmer on Primary Ammo pickup. With full Super, Orbs recharge grenade and melee.
  • Reduces incoming Arc Burn damage.
  • Carry more ammo for Special Weapons.

Lastly, Xur has the Plan C fusion rifle up for grabs.

  • Attack: 280
  • Charge and equip times are very short immediately after weapon swap.
  • This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.

“These Engrams contain Year One Exotics (at Year One Attack and Defense levels) for players who want to finish up a Collection. They strongly bias towards Exotics not already in your Blueprint Collection, to help fill in the blank slots – excluding Mythoclast and Necrochasm, which are still only available from their Year One sources.”

In addition to the above, Xur is selling the emerald coil, void drive, heavy ammo synthesis, three of coins, and his newest item, glass needles. You can also exchange strange coins for motes of light if you wish.

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