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5 Destiny Exotic Weapons That Need Some Year Three Love


5 Destiny Exotic Weapons That Need Some Year Three Love

Time to pack up the guns.

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With Destiny: Rise of Iron looming on the horizon, fans are preparing for the new challenges and hurdles the galaxy is set to throw at them. Part of that means gathering weapons and armor that will be sure to assist in the coming months. Bungie will be allowing all weapons that are currently in Year Two to make the jump by expanding the Infusion mechanic to the new light level. However, those weapons that never got upgraded for Year Two are excluded from the Infusion mechanic, and need some extra help.

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Destiny Year Two left a few fan favorites behind to focus on some underused weapons, and even threw in some new perks for good measure. If the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher can get an entirely new attack,  who knows what the future may hold. In fact, one highly requested weapon has already been confirmed – the Gjallarhorn will be roaring once more this September.

As we wait, why not take a look at some other weapons that we would love to see get the Year Three treatment when Destiny: Rise of Iron rolls out in a few months. 

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