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Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Let Everyone Use The Giant Flaming Axe

Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Let Everyone Use The Giant Flaming Axe

You get an axe! You get an axe! Everybody gets an axe!

For Destiny guardians that want to feel like the most epic soldiers that have ever taken to the stars, wielding a massive flaming axe is a step in the right direction. Shown of in the Rise of Iron trailer, it turns Lord Saladin’s huge axe isn’t just there because it looks cool. Players will actually get to use it themselves.

Part of what Bungie is now calling Relic Weapons, the axe will function similar to how scorch cannons have in the past. It can be picked up and used to completely destroy your enemies with fiery glory. It is an “encounter specific” weapon, but during the lifestream, the developers referred to the length of time you could hold it as a a matter of minutes.

We still don’t know exactly how often players will have a chance to grab hold of the axe. It might be like the scorch cannon and appear throughout the expansion, or it might be like the sword in the vanilla game, a one-time pick-up during a specific mission. Either way, get those axe-swinging muscles ready guardian, there’s new villainous aliens to slay.

As we learn more about Destiny: Rise of Iron, you’ll find it all right here on Twinfinite.

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