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Catch the First Look at Destiny: Rise of Iron Before the Reveal


Catch the First Look at Destiny: Rise of Iron Before the Reveal

The Darkness gathers beyond the wall…

While the full reveal of the next Destiny expansion is scheduled for tomorrow, Bungie took the chance to tease the fans just a little more. Though only a few seconds of footage, we now have our first glimpse at Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Posting on Twitter, reminding gamers to tune in tomorrow, June 9, at 10AM for the full reveal, Bungie shared a quick teaser trailer. We see a cloaked figure standing in the snow, his back to the camera, a fire burning beside him. He’s accompanied by two wolves. While it’s not clear who the figure is, the gold gauntlets do resemble the armor worn by the Iron Banner’s Lord Saladin. The promotional material that’s already leaked for the expansion, showing Lord Saladin in the snow with two wolves confirms as much.

After a momentary shot of the darkness beyond the broken wall, accompanied by some dramatic music, the video concludes, calling for fans to “Tune-in to watch the reveal of Destiny’s next adventure.”

We’ll be covering all the news coming out of the Destiny stream tomorrow, so keep checking back as we learn more.

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