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Destiny: Rise of Iron’s New Plaguelands Area Gets Details

Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron’s New Plaguelands Area Gets Details

Beyond the wall.


It seems that our new adventure will be taking us back to Earth and beyond the wall that we initially spawned at. Set in the snowy lands dubbed The Plaguelands, Guardians will be battling it out against the Fallen. During the Bungie reveal stream, some details about this new area have been released. While this is still set on Earth it will offer both a different feel and scope than the original Old Russia. This location will also include a new social space that Guardians will have to fight for and liberate before it becomes available.

In The Plaguelands, there will be new campaign missions, areas, patrols, public events, and secrets to discover. While the actual size of this world hasn’t been revealed, it’s clear Bungie is going shooting for this to be on a grand scale. This is also the first location in all of Destiny that takes place on an already established world, but will require users to enter in via a different landing zone. It also slipped that Guardians can traverse both the top and interior of the wall and that this will play a major part in some of the missions.

Finally, the Plaguelands will include a new variant on the Fallen enemies who have corrupted themselves with a technological plague. Bungie was very quiet on what this meant or if it would have any ramifications to the player. No information was given on how different they will be, but it’s clear from their look alone that they are a far more horrific breed.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20th on Xbox One and PS4 exclusively.

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