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Dead Rising 4 Had So Many Zombies I Couldn’t Even See the Ground

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Dead Rising 4 Had So Many Zombies I Couldn’t Even See the Ground

I can’t see the ground when I’m with you.

Trying out Dead Rising 4 during this year’s E3 conference confirmed one thing to me. Capcom was putting an absolute ton of zombies into the game.

As I started my hands-on time with the upcoming zombie beat ’em up, I was put on a set of steps in front of a building. As I was put in control of Frank I  overlooking a road. The only problem was, I could not see said road. Instead, all I could see were zombies.

While the hordes of the walking dead were pretty substantial in the series’ first outing on the Xbox One, it seems like that just wasn’t enough enemies for Capcom to let you destroy and dismember however you see fit. Even after spending a good amount of time putting a dent in the zombie horde and racking up over 350 kills, I still didn’t have the time to take in my surroundings. They just kept on comin’.

At least there was plenty of variety and creativity in the demo’s weapons to keep the action interesting. Hopefully, the rest of the game will feature just as many zombies as we venture around Willamette, Colorado as Frank West.

Are you looking forward to Dead Rising 4? Let us know in the comments below.


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