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Overwatch’s Golden Weapons Add Some Welcome Flair to the Game’s Arsenal


Overwatch’s Golden Weapons Add Some Welcome Flair to the Game’s Arsenal


Today via a Korean forum, an Overwatch player leaked images of the upcoming golden gun rewards that will come as part of the competitive mode update. The update is slated for this month, and will add the highly-anticipated ranked mode along with these special rewards. Check out some of the golden weapons below, and check out the rest of them here.

overwatch bastion

overwatch mcree

overwatch hammer

Every hero has their own golden variants, but the unlocks will be split between the heroes with multiple weapons. For example, if you’re playing Genji, you’ll have to unlock his golden shurikens and katana independently. And if you’d rather fork up the currency to purchase the weapons yourself, the price will apparently be 300 credits per weapon, which….is a whole lot!

Yesterday we learned that golden weapons would be rewards of the competitive mode, and that additional rewards would include new sprays and player icons as well. We also saw a sneak peak at what ranking up in the game’s competitive mode will look like, and got some additional details about possible character nerfs in the future. These golden weapons seem cool, but also somewhat thin as far as rewards go. Perhaps the main point of ranking up will be the glory of it all?

What do you think of Overwatch’s golden weapons? Let us know in the comments below.


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