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Candy Crush Tips & Tricks: How to Get Unlimited Free Lives

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Candy Crush Tips & Tricks: How to Get Unlimited Free Lives

Candy Crush can sometimes be a waiting game. Run out of lives, and you’ll have to either wait for a refill, hassle your friends to play, or purchase new ones. If you’re not a fan of either, there’s an easy way to get unlimited lives, meaning infinite Candy Crush runs without the hassle.

If you’re on a mobile device, you simply need to mess around with your settings. On an iOS device, head into Setting > General > Date & Time and switch “Set Automatically” to Off. Now you can manually adjust the time. Set it a few hours forward, and you’ll have refilled four lives.

On an Android device, it’s a similar process. Go to Settings > Date & time and un-check “Automatic date & time.” Then hit Set Time and move time a few hours forward.

What’s simpler is just moving the day forward, so you don’t have to mess with small hour increments. Don’t forget to set the time back later, as this can really mess with your alarms, calendars, applications, and so on.

Another method on mobile is to delete and reinstall the app. If you’re logged in with Facebook, your progress will be saved. Be warned, though, you will lose all your boosters using this method.

And there you go, all the lives you could need. Have fun!

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