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Candy Crush: How to Get Color Bombs and All Use Combination Effects

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Candy Crush: How to Get Color Bombs and All Use Combination Effects

Color bombs are a classic Candy Crush tool. You can swap color bombs with any available basic candy on the board, instantly clearing the entire board of that candy’s color. They can also be swapped with

Color bombs are made by matching five candies in a line either horizontally or vertically. Keep an eye out for pairs of matching candies, and try to close the gap to create five in a row.

Using color bombs is far more fun than trying to make them. Combining a color bomb with a striped candy turns every candy of that color into a striped candy and activates all of them. Combining with a wrapped candy causes every candy of that color to turn into a wrapped candy, and all will be activated. If you combine a color bomb with another color bomb, it will clear every candy and remove one layer of blockers. Combining with a jelly fish will make three dotted fish. These will eat three candies, and turn them into another three jelly fish. If you combine with a Coconut Wheel, the wheel make a line of striped candies that will be activated.

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