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Bungie’s New Update is Exactly What Destiny Needed


Bungie’s New Update is Exactly What Destiny Needed

Here we go again.

Just a few days ago Bungie released the newest Hunter themed Destiny update and the reception from the Destiny community has been mixed. While sometimes the ire Bungie gets is justified, this update addresses some glaring issues for a variety of classes outside of just Hunters. Keeping balance in a game like Destiny is important. Whether it’s a gun like Thorn running rampant in the Crucible, or a certain Guardian’s super performing differently than the development team intended.


Sometimes updates can end up causing a ripple effect and making dormant problems far more known and worse. We saw this with the update to how special ammo dropped in the Elimination playlist, which pretty much caused Icebreaker and Invective to rise above all other choices.

The benefits of this update aren’t necessarily clear when looking at the current state of Destiny. Instead, when considering the changes that can come out of it, it becomes clear that this may be one of the most integral updates in the game to date.

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