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Battlecry Studios is Developing a New FPS, But Where’s Battlecry?


Battlecry Studios is Developing a New FPS, But Where’s Battlecry?

This new project sounds cool, but what ever happened to Battlecry?

We haven’t heard much from Battlecry Studios in a while now, not since a brief update during Bethesda’s E3 press conference last year on the studio’s first project, free-to-play third-person shooter Battlecry. The game has seen two E3 showings and playable demos along the way. But since then, the studio has seemingly gone dark.

That is, until recently. Some recent job listings for Battlecry Studios suggest that the team is working on a new project, and that the project is a multiplayer FPS. The job listings in questions are two postings for gameplay engineers that are asking for expertise in developing first-person shooters and multiplayer systems for a new project.

“Battlecry Studios is seeking a qualified Gameplay Engineer to help create and maintain the Gameplay efforts on an unannounced title,” says the job post. “The successful candidate will have expert knowledge of, and experience in, the design and implementation of multiplayer, first-person shooter gameplay systems using C++.”

With the incredibly positive feedback and success that multiplayer FPS Overwatch has seen since its release, perhaps Battlecry Studios is trying to capitalize on the new buzz of team-based shooters.

It’s a curious decision to be developing two online multiplayer shooters at the same time, and it calls to question whether Battlecry is still in active development. The studio has been radio silent since last year, without so much as a new tweet from the game’s official Twitter account since July of 2015, and a beta planned for last fall that seemingly never happened (I signed up myself today, so I guess we’ll see). The game’s forums are similarly a drought of information.

battlecry beta

Hopefully we see more of this title in the future. We’ve reached out to Bethesda and Battlecry Studios for comments on their new project and the status of Battlecry, and we’ll release an update if we learn anything.



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