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6 Video Game Series Ending This Year


6 Video Game Series Ending This Year

Saying goodbye is so hard.

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4

CyberConnect2 created one of the most faithful video game adaptions of an anime with their Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series. Even from the first game it’s looked like the action was ripped straight out of an episode of the show, and each game has only gotten progressively more impressive. It even took the combat from a 2D fighting plane into a 3D arena, further diversifying the options you have during battles.

Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be CyberConnect2’s final game in the series, and they managed to go out with a bang. The game has more characters than ever before, and of course benefits from the hardware on the newer consoles. A few new features like destructible outfits and stages, along with lasting effects from different jutsus were also added. The series has become known for having some of the best anime fighting games around, and Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 seems like a fitting way to sign off.

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