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4 Overwatch Classes That Don’t Exist, But Should


4 Overwatch Classes That Don’t Exist, But Should

A New Challenger Approaches!

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In Overwatch, it’s impressive how many different hero types have made their way into the final product. Every single hero in this 21 character roster feels wholly different from the other, which helps cater to a plethora of different play-styles. Tanks like Reinhardt and Roadhog play completely different from one another, despite being grouped into the same archetype. This lends Overwatch a critical edge as it doesn’t make all of the heroes under a certain class type feel as if they are all the same. While the basic idea of what that class represents is still there, Blizzard allowed some flexibility as to the direct role they can fill. Yet, we cannot help but hope that there are even more possibilities.

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When deciding what classes we’d want to see in Overwatch, we made sure to keep a strict set of rules for each choice. First off, the heroes we are picking must fall into one of the four different archetypes that are already set up in the game. If we cannot justify them in an assault, defense, tank, or support role than they have no business being in this game. Each class also must have a counter to them that is already in the original 21 characters, because having to make an entirely new class just to counter another new class is contradictory to the concept of Overwatch. Finally, they need to offer something different to the game, but still fit into the team based mentality that surrounds this title.

With that in mind, we would love to see these classes added in Overwatch sometime soon.

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