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5 Destiny Characters That Deserve Their Own Expansion


5 Destiny Characters That Deserve Their Own Expansion

Come some please get these people a story!

With Bungie’s big reveal of Rise of Iron right around the corner, it’s clear that many of the rumors for this expansion are true. With this new DLC focusing on the fate of the Iron Lords and obviously Lord Saladin, a new adventure awaits a plethora of anxious Guardians. However, this new content got us thinking about other characters within the Destiny universe that could use their own DLC. The world(s) of Destiny are filled to the brim with colorful and intriguing characters that usually do not get much development. In fact, some of the most interesting characters are sidelined and reduced to just lore pieces in the games Grimoire Card section.

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Frankly that’s a shame, especially since some of Destiny’s best moments have come from unraveling the fate of a particular person. Whether it be piecing together what happened to Eris Morn or the history of Variks, Destiny certainly has some truly compelling moments. The problem is until The Taken King released we really had nothing much in the way of story development. That expansion showed us what a fully realized narrative could look like, but sadly it was too short. However, with this new DLC and Destiny 2 growing closer and closer, we’d love to see these three characters expanded upon more.

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