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10 Nintendo Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Games


10 Nintendo Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Games

Everyone deserves their time to shine.

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Waluigi (Mario)

Waluigi, Nintendo, character, games

Waluigi is one of the lesser known opponents of the famous Super Mario Bros. and known for his oddball look and personality. Originally, the character was created as a better opponent for Luigi in Mario Tennis. The wiry, purple-clad character is an extreme exaggeration of Luigi, similarly to how Wario is an exaggeration of Mario.

Waluigi first appeared in the Mario Tennis games on Gameboy Color and N64, where he would join Wario as his partner. The two would remain partners for every subsequent Tennis game, and although it’s never been confirmed some wonder if the two are brothers. Waluigi has only appeared as the main villain in one game, Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. His exaggerated movements, unrestrained emotions, and willingness to do whatever he has to in order to win make him a great antihero.

Waluigi has made many appearances in Nintendo games like Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros., but it’s time for him to get the spotlight. Wario has seen his own fair share of spinoffs with Wario Land and the WarioWare series, so maybe its time for his partner to get the same chance. Why not make the next WarioWare game WaluigiWare? A platformer that sees Waluigi performing dastardly deeds with his trademark awkwardness, could also be a sure hit.

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