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10 Console Games That Need Mods Like Fallout 4


10 Console Games That Need Mods Like Fallout 4

The floodgates have been opened.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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With Fallout 4’s vast nuclear Wasteland finally getting mods on console, we know of another huge open world that would benefit from a bit of outside creativity. CD Projekt Red has provided hundreds of hours of gameplay for fans to enjoy, but after Blood and Wine, the studio is done with the game. It’s time for mods to step in.

Just imagine all of the insanity that could be added into the game. Weapons and gear normally reserved for the Wild Hunt, new monsters ripped from past games or other challenging RPGs, the ability to play as someone other than Geralt or Ciri, and many other possibilities. The Witcher 3’s open world is perfect for mods, something players on PC can tell you. Bringing those over to console would be wonderful. 

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