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Zero Time Dilemma Gets a Steam Release Date

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Zero Time Dilemma Gets a Steam Release Date

PC fans, seek a way out.

A few days ago at Momocon, it was announced that Zero Time Dilemma will be coming to PC via Steam on June 30, which is just two days after the game’s launch on the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. At the convention, it was also announced that the game will have PS TV support for those who don’t own a Vita.

The PC port of the game will be handled by Spike Chunsoft. It was also mentioned that the preorder art book for the game will be localized. However, it will be sold separately from the game. All in all, it’s still good news for the entire fan base.

Zero Time Dilemma is the third and final entry of the Zero Escape series. This game will see the return of past characters including Junpei, Akane, Sigma, and Phi. The characters will be tasked with going back in time on a secret mission to save the world from falling into a disastrous future. It’s set to be released for the 3DS and PS Vita on June 28, and for PC on June 30.

Which version of the game will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments down below.

Thanks, Reddit.

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