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Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Dev Diary Details the New Region of Toussaint

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Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Dev Diary Details the New Region of Toussaint

A grand adventure awaits Witcher fans.

We finally have a release date of May 31 for The Witcher 3’s final expansion, Blood and Wine. CD Projekt Red has been releasing pieces of information since the announcement, and a new developer diary gives us more insight on the new region of Toussaint.

Blood and Wine takes place in an entirely new region of the Witcher’s world, Toussaint, with a brand new storyline.  In the video, Marcin Blacha the story director, talks about how different Toussaint is from anything else we’ve seen. The region is filled with color, and it’s a place where the line between fairy-tales and reality is blurred. The land is picteresque but holds its own dark secrets, vineyard owners send armies of mercenaries to attack each other and the wine cellars have become infested with dangerous monsters. Apparently, the entire duchy has a mysterious hidden side.

We also hear about some of the key locations we’ll be seeing in Blood and Wine. The high peak of Mount Gorgon that looms above the region, the elven palace and port of the city and even an abandoned old house where a cursed spoon-collecting creature lives.

Geralt is called into Toussaint by the Duchess Anna Hennrietta, after a dangerous murderer who kills in strange ways appears. Tomasz Marchewka, the expansion’s writer, describes this enemy as “A bigger challenge than anything the Witcher’s dealt with before.” Blood and Wine packs in tons of new content including the new regions of Toussaint, a new story, equipment, dyes, monsters and more. Lucjan Wiecek the game’s environment/art director tells us just how much the expansion really adds.

“All in all, the Blood and Wine expansion could practically be a new game.”

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine launches on May 31 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and will cost $19.99. A special physical edition will be available at select retailers like Gamestop for $29.99, and includes two new Gwent decks. Take a look at the developer diary down below.

Are you excited to jump back into the world of The Witcher? Are you still playing the original game? Let us know in the comments.




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