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Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized


Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized

Here’s what happens.

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The End (Uncharted 4’s Epilogue)

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Suddenly, we’re playing Crash Bandicoot again. The level ends, and a young girl is revealed as the player. Nate and Elena’s daughter.

She realizes her parents have been missing for a while, and as she searches for them throughout their sweet beach house, we see peeks into their life over the years. They had their surfer daughter, Cassie (named after her grandmother), got a dog, Vicky (named after Sully), and have adventured all over the world with their salvaging company. The wall is covered in newspapers and magazines, lauding the amazing archaeological discoveries of D&F Fortunes. The family keeps in touch with Sully and Sam, who are still travelling together. Sam has become a great friend of the now-retired Sully, as well as an uncle to Cassie.

Nate and Elena have concealed the darker, illegal, and supernatural aspects of their past behind an armoire that Cassie sneaks open. Upon seeing all of this crazy stuff – including a picture of her parents and Sully standing over Spanish treasure with firearms – she’s a little bit freaked out at what her family has been keeping from her. Nate and Elena return and Cassie can’t hide what she saw, which leads to the pair deciding whether or not they should “fill her in” on their past. They agree, after a bit of pestering from their daughter, and the game ends with them getting on their sailboat and recalling their crazy stories.

A happy ending for the family of adventurers.

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