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Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized


Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized

Here’s what happens.

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Making Amends (Uncharted 4’s Chapters 16-19)

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Time for a flashback! We head back to a young Nate and Sam looking to steal back their mother’s possessions. Their target is a huge mansion filled with historical artifacts, from a sarcophagus to ancient samurai armor. Sifting through the cluttered rooms, they discover the home belonged to a professor and his adventurous wife, Evelyn, a pair that traveled the world discovering the artifacts now in the home. It eventually becomes clear that Evelyn could not quit her adrenaline-filled lifestyle, causing her divorce, a falling out with her brother, and a painful distance between her and her son. It’s a sad story that mirrors adult Nate’s problems pretty accurately.

After Nate and Sam find their mother’s notes and journals, they learn she was studying Captain Avery’s rumored treasure and the possible existence of Sir Francis Drake’s descendants. They’re then held up at gunpoint by an old woman, who inhabits the house and has already called the cops. Sam tries to talk her down, shielding his little brother. He mentions that they’re just “there for their mother’s stuff,” and it dawns on the old woman. Her name is Evelyn. She worked with their mother, Cassandra Morgan, who just so happens to have been an amazing treasure hunter. Like kids like mother, huh? Anyway, the lady tells them of their mother’s brilliance, her horrible illness and eventual death, and how she never got a chance to finish her hunt for Avery’s secrets. The old woman offers the kids Cassandra’s notes, and then dies from a heart attack. This is Nate’s first close experience with death, and though distraught, Sam pushes him away. They need to make a break for it before the now-arrived police catch them.

Sam and Nate narrowly escape the mansion and once they’re in a safe spot, discuss how badass their mother was. Nate can’t go back to the orphanage and Sam can’t go back to his job. Thus, from that moment, they adopt the surname “Drake” and decide to follow in their mother’s footsteps.

End flashback! Turns out Nathan has been telling this story to Elena while she patches his busted ass up. He thanks her for saving him yet again, but she notes that she really almost didn’t come for him this time. It turns out Sully had brought her to the island and he’s got his trusty plane landed right outside. There’s palpable tension between the two, but they set off to save Sam, who’s being forced to help Rafe and Nadine find the treasure. As they travel, shoot bad guys and solve ancient puzzles, there is a lot of talking about their relationship. Elena makes it clear that leaving her out of the team is a no-no. Nathan definitely knows he messed up. He slowly apologizes over the course of their journey, and eventually the two admit that they’re pretty good at this adventuring stuff.

Their relationship aside, though, their hunt for Sam brings them to New Devon. They discover a graveyard at the front gates, where the unsuccessful civilian resistance was put to rest. The founder’s city flooded and in ruin, though, with corpses of betrayed pirates everywhere. The founders and their families had turned on each other, forming alliances and distrust in wake of the civil war.

Finally, in Thomas Tew’s mansion, they come across a dinner scene, ten skeletons filling the seats. The Libertalia founders had been invited to Tew’s home to put aside their differences, and were all poisoned. All except Henry Avery and Thomas Tew, of course.

After this, Nate and Elena find the main room of Henry Avery’s mansion, where Sam has left clues leading them to an underground passage. Henry Avery had used these tunnels to move the treasure to getaway ships with his crew. The passages are really terrifying, filled with bones, traps, and exploding mummies. They find the ears, arms, and rib cages of Avery’s enemies hung from the ceilings of various rooms like undead chandeliers. Henry Avery wasn’t exactly all that sane.

The two also come across the bodies of Tew’s men. Seems Avery was looking to take the treasure and leave his partner behind. Henry Avery also had no friends.

After solving puzzles through the caves and escaping from grand mummy explosions, Elena pretends to be dead. Nate freaks out and she laughs, saying that they’re even. This opens up a lot of playfulness between the two, and they come away from it all the better.

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