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Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized


Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized

Here’s what happens.

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Island Paradise (Uncharted 4’s Chapters 12-15)

uncharted 4

Cut to Nate and Sam rolling through a beautiful, pristine island paradise on a boat. They make their way to the main island that’s before them and assume it’s Libertalia. Unfortunately, there’s too little of anything man-made for that to actually be the case. Upon finding a giant statue of the very humble Henry Avery, Nate climbs it to see what the statue’s telescope is pointing towards. Peeking through it, they figure out where the true Libertalia is located, and they see their friends Nadine and Rafe have already got goons all over.

This is where the scene from the Prologue comes into play. The weather gets worse as a storm flies over and Nate and Sam are steering their boat ahead to the correct island. The goons have all taken notice, they’re shooting, they’re bashing into the boat, and we get to where the prologue leaves off. Nate awakens from that massive crash, marooned on the island, all banged up, and without his brother. He weakly makes his way forward, saddened at the loss of those closest to him.

He makes his way around the island and finally meets back up with Sam. Nate argues with his brother, telling him it’s too dangerous, that they should steal one of Nadine’s boats and leave the island while they can. Sam won’t walk away though, not when they’re so close.

They press on, despite being completely marooned on the island at this point. After some exploring, dealing with Nadine’s men or sneaking away (up to the player), they reach the true Libertalia, a secret utopia founded by Henry Avery, Thomas Tew, and 10 other pirate captains. A safe haven. A place where they can all be pirates, together. Yeah, turns out things weren’t so perfect in Libertalia.

Strewn about the land are hints that some big, civil war kind of shit went down. The founders had horded away the riches of Libertalia’s people, and the people struck back, overtaking the treasury. They find no treasure here, only destruction and “THIEF” painted across the founder portraits. On the ceiling, they see a map of the colony, discovering a founders city called New Devon (Devon being Avery’s hometown.) They figure this must be the location of the pirates’ treasure, and set off to find it.

Of course, this is the cue for Nadine and her “blow shit up first, ask questions later” crew to pop in and start destroying everything. After some evasions and explosions, Nate and Sam end up fist-fighting Nadine. She pretty much kicks both of their asses. Rafe joins the party and the 4 of them end up in a standoff, with Sam holding Nadine at gunpoint and threatening her life. To Nadine’s surprise, and anger, Rafe dismisses his threat. Sam ends up pulling the trigger, but Nathan hits his arm upward just in time to spare Nadine’s life.

In an attempt to negotiate their way out, Nathan lets slip that Sam in indebted to Alcazar. With a laugh, Rafe reveals that Alcazar has been dead for six months. In fact, Sam never had to break out of prison. Rafe bailed him and he simply walked out the front gates two years ago. Rafe enlisted his help to find Avery’s treasure, but Sam gathered up all the info, bailed, and went to find his brother. Nate furiously realizes that Sam’s life isn’t in danger at all, and that his ruined relationships were just for the sake of finding an old treasure.

Needless to say, shit goes down, and Rafe decides he’ll only need Sam to find Avery’s stash. He takes a shot at Nate, Sam jumps in the way to get shot in the arm, and Nate is bumped, causing him to take a very long and hard tumble off the building edge to the ground below. Luckily, Elena finds him.

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