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Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized


Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized

Here’s what happens.

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Stealing the Cross (Uncharted 4’s Chapters 6-7)

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The brothers overlook the elaborate mansion hosting the auction, catering to the wealthiest and most corrupt people in the world. They’re waiting for a signal from Nathan’s best friend, Sully, who was to enter the party (being a corrupt business man himself) and open a window for them on the upper floor. Sam questions Sully’s loyalty, and becomes jealous when Nate calls Sully family. Sam’s doubts are proven wrong when they receive Sully’s signal from within a random room. They parkour their way over there, remove their jumpsuits, hop inside, and Nate is reunited with his one true love, Sully.

After blending into the party, they learn the cross has been moved up in the auction rotation, so it’s out of storage and already on the showfloor, not what the team had anticipated. Plan B: they decide to knock out the power and make the swipe, but they have to be quick. Nate pickpockets a waiter’s keycard and he and Sam make their way through the back rooms and onto the balconies of the mansion.

Sam will be the one grabbing the cross from the auction’s showfloor, so he knocks out a waiter for his uniform. Nate is left alone to find the lighting’s breakers. Meanwhile, Sully encounters an old acquaintance, Nadine, and her new partner, the one and only Rafe. Turns out those two are working together and want the St. Dismas cross. Rafe instantly recognizes that Sully is after it, as well, and threatens him should he try to bid on it. Once they walk away, Sully warns Nate and Sam of their presence and Nadine’s backstory as the owner of Shoreline, a private army-for-hire.

Back to Nate! He’s making his way through vents and the layout of the mansion. He reaches the maintenance room housing the circuit breakers just as the auction for the cross begins, but the door to the breakers is locked. He pushes Sully to buy more time, and a reluctant Sully begins a bidding war with an increasingly furious Rafe. The oh-so-likeable Rafe puts an end to the bidding with a sky-high €500,000 bid, but Nate pulls the lights just in time. Sam swipes the cross, and they all high-tail it out of there across gunfire-filled rooftops. Rafe and Nadine are, understandably, pissed. Nadine even comes to blows with Drake inside the mansion, but he manages to escape.

Once they’ve gotten away from the madness of the heist, our team opens up the cross to find a map and letter pointing to Avery’s grave at St. Dismas’ cathedral in Scotland. Nate lies to Elena about his whereabouts again, and Sully is disappointed in this. When Drake walks outside to talk to her on the phone, Sully turns to Sam and notes that the reason he’s even there is because, “Someone’s got to look out for him.” Sully doesn’t approve of Sam bringing his brother back into this life, but Sam remarks that Nathan was born for the world of adventure.

Nonetheless, Sam, Nate and Sully make their way to Scotland.

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