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Uncharted 4 Has an Epic, Interactive Easter Egg (Spoilers)

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Uncharted 4 Has an Epic, Interactive Easter Egg (Spoilers)

Spoilers ahead.

 Spoiler Warning: If you do not want this easter egg spoiled, turn back now. 

Naughty Dog went all-out with their Uncharted 4 easter eggs. The game is full of references to Nathan Drake’s old tales, from replicas of ancient constructs to the actual pieces of his adventures. These are all fantastic nods to our time with Uncharted, but there’s one far more intricate easter egg that tops them all.

During Chapter 4: A Normal Life, we get a peek at Nate’s new, pedestrian world. He shares a comfy house with Elena, who as it turns out is fond of something Nate calls her “TV game thing.” In a fight over who gets to do the dishes (yes, dishes is the prize), Nate challenges Elena, saying he can beat her score.

The camera then pans to a PlayStation, turning on with the nostalgic boot chime and screen. At this point, Nate asks if this is the game, and does not understand why there are such long loading times.

Uncharted 4_ A Thief’s End™_20160509004333

The television screen soon opens to another Naughty Dog game: Crash Bandicoot. Yes, you are about to play Crash Bandicoot inside Uncharted 4. It’s very exciting, we agree. Contain yourself, please.

Uncharted 4_ A Thief’s End™_20160509004513

It turns out that Nate knows pretty much zilch about video games, struggling with the controller, gameplay mechanics, and the concept of a pants-wearing, humanoid bandicoot. He does think the graphics are excellent, however.

Uncharted 4_ A Thief’s End™_20160509004528

Elena coaches him through the level, and despite our many attempts, we still haven’t beaten her high score.

Uncharted 4_ A Thief’s End™_20160509004540

Let us know what you think of Uncharted 4’s biggest easter egg in the comments below! For more on Uncharted 4, check out our review here.

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