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Uncharted 4: 5 Things the Multiplayer Does Right


Uncharted 4: 5 Things the Multiplayer Does Right

It’s all about the taunts though honestly.

60 Frames Per Second

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I want to hug whoever decided to sacrifice some graphical fidelity to bring Uncharted 4’s multiplayer experience up to a crisp, unwavering 60 frames per second. The difference between 30fps and 60fps can’t be overstated when it comes to shooters and multiplayer. It means that everything moves more smoothly, gameplay feels better, and skill plays a larger part. When a noticeably lower frame rate isn’t limiting the eye, players can notice things faster, aim easier, and react to dangers more quickly.

Also, the locked-in frame rate means that nothing ever slows down, and it never feels like the game’s fault when killed by an enemy.  Uncharted 4 looks so great already, that it’s tough to even tell that the visuals suffer from the frame rate. A lot of this is also thanks to the excellent look and design of the maps, which, now that we mention it…

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