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The Best Game of April 2016


The Best Game of April 2016

Which game reigned supreme this month?

Honorable Mention #1: Quantum Break

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Starting with a couple of honorable mentions, check out the Twinfinite’s Staff picks for our favorite games for April 2016 which includes of course, our Game of the Month!

Senior Editor Ishmael Romero: Quantum Break was something of a risky undertaking that not many were sure would work. Sure, Remedy Entertainment had proven themselves capable of intertwining story and gameplay with the likes of Max Payne and Alan Wake. But throwing a full-fledged live action show into the mix, one that reflects the choices you make in the game, was something altogether different. And it paid off.

Quantum Break’s story of time travel, manipulation, and betrayal can be felt throughout the experience. Helping to bring this to life was the talented cast of actors that made each character feel real. Their struggles, fears, and goals were laid out in the open, and the switch in perspective between the gameplay and live action episodes made it all the more engaging. As you race through the world, bending time to your will and participating and spectacular gun-fights, it’s the story that keeps you pushing forward. That need to see what twist comes next is hard to resist.

Remedy’s latest undertaking provides solid proof that narrative can indeed carry the experience, and you don’t need to leave the player out to make this true.

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