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Destroy Your Enemies With Awesome Magic in Total War: Warhammer


Destroy Your Enemies With Awesome Magic in Total War: Warhammer

Raise zombies? Or bring down fiery death? The choice is yours.

Total War: Warhammer not only marks the first non-historical setting for the series, but also brings all the wonderful fantasy trappings along with it, including magic. In their most recent spotlight trailer, Creative Assembly gives us an in-depth look at the incredible powers that will be at your disposal, and how a well-placed spell can sway entire battles.

Magic all has to do with the Winds of Magic. An actual, changing effect across the world map, sometimes the Winds blow harder, and sometimes they don’t. Certain actions from your heroes and magic users can affect the intensity. But the harder the Winds are blowing in the zone of your battle, the more effective your magic users will be.

Magic is not the same for every race though, as each race has their own relationship and specialty with magic. While most races have a limited pool of magical resource to pull from, the dwarves are distrustful of magic and use runes instead. Runes however, are on a cooldown instead of being pulled from a limited resource.

Called Laws of Magic, different specialties determine how every spell behaves. Understanding that, like how spells move and interact with the environment, is a huge part of using them effectively.

Total War: Warhammer hits PCs May 24. Are you ready to start throwing magic around in a Total War game? Let us know in the comments.

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