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Top 15 Best GTA Cheats of All Time


Top 15 Best GTA Cheats of All Time

Who said cheaters never win?

Free Weapons Cheats


The Grand Theft Auto series is all about the mayhem the player can cause while on mission. Fighting through gangs, escaping from police, blowing up random vehicles, you name it and it can be done. Of course, you wouldn’t fare too well at any of these tasks without any weapons. Sure, you can save up some in-game money and hit up an Ammunation, but when you need to get some action right away, one of the series’ best cheats gets the job done.

The free weapons cheat rears its head in every GTA game. Whether you’re mashing a series of button presses or typing something into your cellphone, this cheat takes a plain street thug and turns that person into a walking armory. 

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