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The Top 10 Best Uncharted Characters We’ll Never Forget


The Top 10 Best Uncharted Characters We’ll Never Forget

The faces of a timeless adventure.

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Harry Flynn


Everyone loves a good betrayal. Okay, well love may be a strong word since it’s really difficult to like anyone who betrays you. But, a nice twist in the middle of a heist adds some intrigue and gives you a target to vent all of your hatred towards. That’s exactly what Harry Flynn is.

This basta… ahem… individual was a friend of Nate’s. They’ve completed heists together, gone on adventures, and have made some money in the past. So when he comes around asking Nate to join him on a new score, nobody expects him to double-cross our favorite treasure hunter and almost get him killed. What follows is a race to the Tree of Life as Harry continues to prove just how much of a jerk he really is. You gotta hand it to him, though, Harry really knows how to be the backstabbing traitor. A lot of lessons are learned by Nathan Drake’s encounter with this old friend, lessons that were never forgotten in later games. 

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Just a wandering character from Brooklyn, NY. Fan of horrible Spider-Man games, anime, and corny jokes.

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