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The Top 10 Best Uncharted Characters We’ll Never Forget


The Top 10 Best Uncharted Characters We’ll Never Forget

The faces of a timeless adventure.

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Elena Fisher


Elena Fisher is one seriously strong woman. And no, it’s not because she puts up with Nathan Drake. In fact, he should count himself lucky that he has someone like her in his life. This reporter is no stranger to the dangers of history and the world. Caught up in Nate’s quest to get to El Dorado, Elena proves to be highly capable by saving him from enemies and his own recklessness.

As time goes on, her and the treasure hunter who just won’t quit fall in love. That love is put to the test countless times thanks to Nate’s need for adventure, but Elena always comes along to show him what really matters. Her tough nature and loving presence helped to carry Uncharted through each adventure. 

3 of 10


Just a wandering character from Brooklyn, NY. Fan of horrible Spider-Man games, anime, and corny jokes.

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