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These Overwatch Players Created A Giant Tower of D.Va Robots


These Overwatch Players Created A Giant Tower of D.Va Robots

The Leaning Tower of D.Va.

The release date for Overwatch is frustratingly close, and some players are going to great lengths to kill time until May 24. If you’re waiting on the game, why not watch some clever players create a world wonder with 12 D.Va mechs?

The video by Squadron was recorded during the game’s beta test, and shows some of the bizarre antics that can happen in Overwatch. The game doesn’t allow teammates to stand on each other’s heads, so Squadron gathered two opposite teams to collaborate and make a work of art.

Every map in Overwatch has a height limitation, but Lijang Tower’s is slightly higher, allowing 12 D.Va mechs to stack on top of each other.

The Leaning Tower of D.Va is like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, only much better because it has giant robots and laser lights.

When the game launches next week, we’ll surely see more of these modern works of art created in Overwatch. For now, watching videos like this will have to pass the time until Blizzard’s shooter launches on May 24.



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