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The Terrifying Results of Face-Swapping With Vault Boy From Fallout

Fallout, Vault Boy


The Terrifying Results of Face-Swapping With Vault Boy From Fallout

This is something you cannot unsee.

Ever since face-swapping apps hit mobile phones late last year, the idea has been taking the internet by storm. People are swapping faces with each other, celebrities, inanimate objects and even video game characters in some cases. Two of those options apply to the terrifying photo uploaded to Reddit by user BomberWRX.

The iconic Vault Boy may be one of the most recognizable characters from Fallout, with his charming smile and cartoony features. It turns out though, that face-swapping with the guy might not be the best idea around. You can see the results down below, but the most disturbing part of the image may just be how terrible the two different colored faces look on top of each other. Not to mention the teeth. Don’t expect to be getting any sleep if you stare at this for a while.

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There are multiple face-swapping apps that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android, with “Face-Swap Live” seeming to be the most popular. Snapchat also has a feature that allows you to face-swap now. Have you used any face-swapping apps to create other terrifying or fantastic images? Do you have some favorites, or would you just prefer to never see something like this again? Let us know down in the comments.


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