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League of Legends: Team Impulse Sells LCS Spot to Phoenix1

League of Legends LCS

League of Legends: Team Impulse Sells LCS Spot to Phoenix1

More money. Less problems.

A new League of Legends team, Phoenix1, will be playing in the summer split of the North America LCS. This is after buying Team Impulse’s spot, in which the team was forced to sell after being banned by Riot. The former professional team was found not having players under contract and not paying them for the matches played.

Pheonix1 will keep some former TIP players with Brandon “Mash” Phan and Austin “Gate” Yu being their starting bottom lane. The top lane is currently still being debated between Derek “zig” Shao and Brandon “Brandini” Chen. Jungler will be Rami “Inori” Charagh with the mid lane also still up for grabs by Andrew “Slooshi” Pham and Junsik “Pirean” Choi, according to a report by ESPN. They will be joined by former Cloud9 coach Charlie Lipsie and former manager of Team 8, Eric Ma in their respective roles.

It should be noted that Phoenix1 owners are Michael Moore, Rob Moore and Jack Giarraputo. All three are well-known within the film industry, with Rob Moore being the Vice Chairman of Paramount and Giarraputo being a film producer known for his hit movies with Adam Sandler.

With Team Impulse selling their spot, that means two of the three banned teams are now under new ownership. As of this article Team Dragon Knights, who is among those banned, has not sold their spot and there has been no official word on why.



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