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Taylor ‘Arthelon’ Eder Released from Cloud9; Taking a Break from Competitive Gaming


Taylor ‘Arthelon’ Eder Released from Cloud9; Taking a Break from Competitive Gaming

He’s lost the fire.

One of the most recognizable faces in the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene, Taylor ‘Arthelon’ Eder, has announced that he has been released from Cloud9.

His announcement came via a TwitLonger post where he explains that he has lost the fire to play competitive Heroes.

“As for what I am doing with Heroes, I am at the very least taking a break, but to be honest I don’t really want to come back later. For me the game hasn’t satisfied me for over a year, so that is over a year of being frustrated at the game, and I think this is as good as any time for me to leave and pursue other things. I’ll at least have to give grandmaster league a chance, since I have been waiting so long for it :P. But I doubt it will change much, as matchmaking and the game itself won’t change with it. If I do come back it will be for streaming most likely, but we will see.”

Although he may be done with competitive Heroes of the Storm, it looks like he still has the desire to play competitively and may pursue a professional career in another Blizzard game.

Arthelon has been a well known competitive gamer for quite some time. Before playing Heroes of the Storm professionally, he was a top player in the League of Legends professional scene from 2012-2014.

Arthelon played for Cloud9 after the end of the 2015 World Championships when Fan Yang departed from the team. The team performed well with Arthelon in the lineup, but were not able to regain the rank of the top team in the world.


This post was originally written by Nick Caminita.

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