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Sony Rewards Uncharted 4 Platinum Trophy Hunters With Surprise Email

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Sony Rewards Uncharted 4 Platinum Trophy Hunters With Surprise Email

Uncharted 4’s platinum trophy is a revered treasure among fans, but Sony are making sure players are duly rewarded for their efforts.

It’s unlikely that most of us have even completed Uncharted 4 yet, especially considering Bruce Straley’s advice about how to play Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece.

But, even so, the most avid Uncharted fans have already achieved the game’s esteemed platinum trophy, which is by no means an easy feat.

To gain platinum, players must acquire all other trophies included with the Uncharted 4 base game, some of which are particularly tricky.

You are tasked, to name just a few examples, with beating the campaign on ‘Crushing Mode’, collecting all 109 hidden treasures, and defeating 100 enemies in a row without dying.

Sony PlayStation, however, isn’t the company to let this impressive player ambition go unnoticed, and has been sending a virtual surprise to everyone who has attained the Uncharted 4 platinum trophy so far.

A Reddit user recently posted an email they received from Sony PlayStation upon the achievement of this difficult venture, which included the image as seen below.

Uncharted 4, Platinum

It might only be a small form of congratulations, but it’s the thought that counts!

Have you managed to platinum Uncharted 4 yet? Did Sony reward you with this thoughtful gesture?

Let us know in comments below!



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