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Smite Officially Releases on PS4 Next Week

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Smite Officially Releases on PS4 Next Week

You may now (officially) enter the Battleground of the Gods!

After months in beta, Smite is ready to officially release on PS4 next Tuesday, May 31.

The third-person, mythology-based MOBA celebrated its second birthday by kicking off the PS4 open beta in March. Since then however, and with the official release, plenty of changes have come to the game. Hi-Rez updated it to run at 60 FPS, up from the original 30 FPS, it now has trophy support, all 75 gods, and has even added the two smaller, more steam-lined game modes of Clash and Siege.

Taking the traditional MOBA formula, Smite prides itself on focusing more on the action than others in the genre. “Smite pioneered – and perfected – the third-person perspective MOBA,” Hi-Rez Senior Producer Andy Anderson says in the release announcement. “Smite puts you into the heart of the action, not looking down at a tiny character or floating behind a lumbering oaf.”

Smite is free-to-play and Hi-Rez has already proven itself capable of maintaining a strong flow of new content on PC and Xbox One. Will you be checking out the PS4 version? Or have you already been playing and enjoying it since the beta began? Let us know in the comments.

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